Zhongshan Minke Enterprise to study in Hong Kong, seeking overseas financing channels

Issuing time:2018-08-27 14:12

The “Special Lecture on the Listing of China's High-Quality Private Enterprises” sponsored by Zhongshan Private Technology Enterprise Association and Jinke Information Network Co., Ltd. was held in Hong Kong from November 25th to 26th. Seven civilized enterprises, including Zhongshan Taifeng (Group) Co., Ltd., Haiyue Group, Jinli Refrigeration Co., Ltd. and Fushan Glass Machinery Co., Ltd., sent lectures. The rules, procedures and related institutions of Hong Kong's senior corporate advisory companies, securities companies, accounting firms, law firms and financial communications companies for listing activities in Hong Kong, the choice of private financing channels for private enterprises, accounting practices and laws for private enterprises to list in Hong Kong The practice, the requirements for listing in Hong Kong, and the preliminary preparations and public relations activities for listing have been introduced in detail.

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